Double knots

Autor: jakub kráľ | 12.6.2005 o 16:01 | Karma článku: 3,88 | Prečítané:  1158x

It’s 3am Hawaii Time. I just woke up and I won’t be able to go to sleep again. In two hours I’ll be trembling on the lineup of my first half marathon. Just don’t eat anything, I chant to myself.

The night is balmy, gently breathing through tall palm trees. I feel my legs from yesterday’s morning 10K. (Shouldn’t have done that. Shouldn’t..) I feel my arms too, but I’m not worried about them now. One of my toenails is black – didn’t quite brake the shoes yet. I want to throw up. But I am the soldier today. I feel them waiting for me. The battlefield is set, enemy powers assembled. There is no way back.
The secret to distance running is mediation. Start slow and work your way into the Zone. And then just let it go - low, free, soft and light. Dear God, let it happen today, please ..
I’ll go for a little walk now, along the Ala Wai Canal. Smell the flower trees, breathe in the mountains.
Then I tie on my running shoes, with double knots, hop on bike and present myself on the Magic Island.
We all have our cross to carry. Mine is tied to my legs today. Double knots.

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